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Private - Emmaline Vance

Mar. 14th, 2004

01:10 am - Private

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I discovered this journal in an old trunk in the attic yesterday, and decided to begin recording my thoughts and activities. It is an admirable discipline.

I feel I could use such a discipline right now, as events are beginning to trouble me. One event in particular, of course. The attack on the Minister. I have been told of the metal birds that were used, and I cannot help thinking that they must be those created by Diggle. I hope that I am mistaken, but fear that I am not.

In which case, something very strange is happening within the Order, and something that I do not approve of. I joined the Order, so many years ago, because it is my obligation, as it is of so many, to safeguard this community from harm.

I do not know what I shall do, but I know I cannot remain idly by and watch people be harmed. Something must be done.

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Date:March 14th, 2004 10:02 am (UTC)
Nice to hear from you again, Emmaline. Now if only Dorcas was here.
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