Private RP with Hestia

I collect Hestia as quickly as possible. Activity will perhaps be the best cure for the sense of helplessness that I have been experiencing, and the child oughtn't to go alone.

We apparate to the outskirts of Whorlston, and begin entering the town as inconspicuously as possible, but there are already signs of destruction. "Follow the smoke," I murmur quietly, my heart in my mouth as I imagine what we might find there.


I discovered this journal in an old trunk in the attic yesterday, and decided to begin recording my thoughts and activities. It is an admirable discipline.

I feel I could use such a discipline right now, as events are beginning to trouble me. One event in particular, of course. The attack on the Minister. I have been told of the metal birds that were used, and I cannot help thinking that they must be those created by Diggle. I hope that I am mistaken, but fear that I am not.

In which case, something very strange is happening within the Order, and something that I do not approve of. I joined the Order, so many years ago, because it is my obligation, as it is of so many, to safeguard this community from harm.

I do not know what I shall do, but I know I cannot remain idly by and watch people be harmed. Something must be done.
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